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Civic Type R takes on the Kia Stinger GT, Focus RS and Golf R


United States

We have to admit that this review is totally unexpected. The only Kia that's supposed to compete with the Focus and Golf is the Cee'd. However, if you look at this review purely from a price standpoint, it does make a bit of sense.

We couldn't help notice how the Stinger 330Si is once again viewed as a Korean alternative to the Holden and Ford performance four-door cars that aren't built in Australia anymore. If those were still around, we might see a V8 Commodore go up against the Focus RS instead.

"Handling isn't perfect on edge, but you get a lot of power," is something you traditionally hear about a big Aussie V8 sports sedan. But it seems the Kia Stinger 330Si does the same thing. Don't worry; even though the name is different, this is still the same Stinger with the 3.3-liter twin-turbo we all know and love.

Kia got a lot of things right on this car, but that doesn't include the exhaust sound, which is a little artificial no matter which drive mode you're in. That's where the hot hatchbacks come in because all three that we mentioned have perfected their four-cylinder orchestra.

The Golf R's appeal is as a comfortable, tech-filled all-rounder. But it doesn't always deliver the ultimate trills. If that's what you're after, you want the Honda or the Ford. The latter even has a drift mode for its AWD system. This hairy-chested machine comes only with a manual transmission.

The Civic Type R is also an impressive track day toy, but also offers impressive levels of comfort in the real world. We'd also like to point out that with its rear seats folded flat, it's probably the most spacious car in this group.

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