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New Old man - 20years with Honda's

United Kingdom
What I Drive
2003 - EP3
Hi ya,

As above I'm quite old for this forum lark, so bare with me.
Back in 2003 I decided to buy a Type R (EP3). What a car. I had some mods done to it, like, 4 branch manifold to stainless steel exhaust (no CAT), drilled and vented disc's all round, Areoquip brake hoses, Tein suspension ( lowered only 10 mm- they wouldn't fit otherwise) Sump has baffle's fitted, K&N induction kit, engine was totally rebuilt, water pump renewed. The car is garaged and has a total of 57300miles. (genuine)

I also have a 19 plate FK7 1.5 sport also from new. This is more of the family car as it has 20500 miles.

I was on another forum many years ago but got fed up with the people on it as they were all up there own backsides and talked down to us lesser mortals.

I was wondering how much the EP3 would sell for to a properly interested party. Can you give your thoughts?

Need to go for time being as wife is shouting that the tea's ready, be back soon.

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