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Welcome to the Civic Si Forum! Please post an introduction thread.


Welcome to the Civic Si Forum, the premier Civic Si community, please take a moment and post up an introduction thread telling us a little bit about yourselves.

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Well, I am Richard in Phoenix. Owned many Honda’s, most great, a couple not so good. Picked up a 4 door 2019 Si this week. Wanted a coupe, but the kids said they needed their own door or the would not speak to me again. Well, can’t have that, so got a red sedan. Love this car. Most fun to drive car I have ever had, including my Mustang GT. Great price too.
Greetings, I'm Richard, a truck driver living in metro Atlanta. I just purchased build #675, a 2017 Type R in championship white with 2400 miles. No modifications yet.
I'm looking forward to meeting some of you at the track (Road Atlanta, Roebling Road, Talladega Grand Prix, Nashville Super Speedway, etc) and perhaps i'll try some autocrossing as well.