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Looking to buy (another) Si. Need some owners advice!

Hey all! I'm new to the site and joined in hopes of getting some good input from all the Si owners. I've owned an Si before (briefly had a 17 sedan) and loved it. I no longer have it and I've currently just started a job that requires 130 miles a day of mainly highway commuting. I'm looking to get an Si again as a daily driver. I'm looking to buy used and have some general questions. Obviously reliability is the biggest factor since I'll be putting so many miles on it. I like the 2013-2015ish style Si's with the 2.4. If I can get my hands on 1 with lower miles, is this range Si going to be reliable? Are there better years I should look at? Are there any expected problems I'll have that will need repairs? Please offer some input!!! Thanks!!