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shit rolls down hill

United States
What I Drive
1998 Honda civic v-tec
So i'm just going to start off with i cant seem to catch a brake with this car!
Ok my problem started with the cat getting glowing red hot, and some how at the same time the Distributor went out. so got it home started by replacing the Distributor, then only option i had was to take the cat and empty it out. Got it to started up, tried to drive off but still didnt have power. so i did a valve adjustment. that seemed to do the trick. Only thing it was still puttering a lil almost if it was misfiring. so did a spark check and everything was looking good. but still puttering. so decided to test drive it, everything was going good just that lil bit of puttering was making it seem like it wanted to die when i came to a stop. Figured i would mess with the idling a lil bit next. But before i could get back home it was like the trany was going out. so in d4 i would have to rev it pretty high and it would kick in but would not change. so i put it into 2 gear and it seemed like it was doing how it should but i switched up to d3 and nothing. so back into 2 and i could feel a slight down shift change in the gears. but nothing after. if i start in d3 same thing as in d4? what is going on? anything would help! i hope some one understands what i'm saying, i hope im saying it so someone understand me!?